Amigurumi Pair Of Giraffes Free Pattern

Pair of giraffes What you need: Yarn Alize Cotton Gold 187 and YarnArt Jeans 23 and 72 Hook 2 Filler Eyes 10 mm Decorative buttons The height of the toy with the materials used is about 29 cm Conditional recognition: Sc – single crochet Ch – air loop İnc – increase, knit 2 Sc from … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Lion Free Pattern

Materials Needed: Yarn: Red Heart daffodil, red heart purple, red heart light purple, red heart blue, red heart spring green, red heart perfect pink, red heart orange, red heart buff Hook Sizes: E hook 15 mm safety eyes scissors sewing needle stitch marker fiber fill stuffing black embroidery thread brown felt Abbreviations: MR= Magic Ring … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Little Elephant Free Pattern

Necessary materials: Yarn of the main color – 100 g (per 300 m) Black beads or finished eyes – 2 pcs. Filler. Perhaps – a wire for a proboscis. I knitted my elephant from cotton Cotton grass (Kamtex) – left exactly one punch. Corpuscle 1p – 2Ch – in the 2nd 6 Sc 2p – … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Rabbit Free Pattern

Size: 52 cm Difficulty: High Time: 10 hours Crochet: 2-3 mm MATERIALS: – Lana different colors: white, black, very light gray, light gray, gray, purple, pink, blue, light blue, dark blue, yellow, reddish brown. – The thickness of the coat: 3-4 mm. – Crochet needles corresponding to the thickness of the coat. – Sewing needles … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Leo Leo Free Pattern

Difficulty: medium Work time: 8-12 hours. I. Preparatory work. For work, we need: 1. Skills for crocheting basic elements; 2.Plush yarn in two colors. I have GalaMix white and yellow flowers. White will need about 30 grams, yellow – 60 grams. But I recommend taking in full hank, for sure; 3.Orange Alize Softy 30 grams … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Dog Mascot Free Pattern

For work, we need: 1. YarnArt Dolce yarn or its equivalent of 50 grams of 2 flowers (I have art 745 – dairy and 747-beige); 2. Dark Brown Cotton Nose Yarn (I used Narcissus PNK them. Kirova, 395 m / 100gram); 3. Thin cotton yarn for matching toy tone toys (I used Iris) 4. Eyes … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Doll Sofia Free Pattern

PİNTEREST FALLOW: Pinterest LİNK Materials and tools: – ALIZE – 50 g (300 m / 50 g). – Yarn for clothing sweets online (white yarn – 15g, green yarn – 15g) – yarn for pillows approx. 15g baby Himalayan dolphin 100g / 100m – hook 1.5 mm. – filler – Pins with disks with a … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Tennis Racket Girl Free Pattern

Follow my pinterest account: Pinterest Link Materials: Yarn YarnArt Jeans 62 or 01 (for socks and T-shirts) Gazzal Baby Cotton 3428 (for skirts, ruffles, socks and caps) Alpin Anabel 172 or 174 (primary body color) YarnArt Jeans 40 (for hair) Acrylic or cotton in yellow and black (for a tennis ball and rackets) You can … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Dog Puppy Free Pattern

Puppy Designations: Amigurumi Magic Ring Ch-air loop SC single crochet İnc-increase Dec Decrease Sl-st connection bar Head: 1.6Sc in Magic ring 2.6İnc (12) 3. (Sc, İnc) * 6 (18) 4. (2Sc, İnc) * 6 (24) 5. (3Sc, İnc) * 6 (30) 6. (4Sc, İnc) * 6 (36) 7. (5Sc, İnc) * 6 (42) 8. (6Sc, … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Bear in Pajamas Free Pattern

Bear in pajamas. PİNTEREST FOLLOW: Abbreviations: Ch – air loop Sc – single crochet İnc – increase Dec – decrease Head 1.6 Magic ring 2.6 İnc – 12 3. (Sc, İnc) * 6 – 18 4. (2 Sc, İnc) * 6 – 24 5. (Sc, İnc, 2 Sc) * 6 – 30 6. (4 … Devamını oku