Amigurumi Dog Mascot Free Pattern

For work, we need:

1. YarnArt Dolce yarn or its equivalent of 50 grams of 2 flowers (I have art 745 – dairy and 747-beige);

2. Dark Brown Cotton Nose Yarn (I used Narcissus PNK them. Kirova, 395 m / 100gram);

3. Thin cotton yarn for matching toy tone toys (I used Iris)

4. Eyes with a diameter of 14-16 mm;

5. Hook number 4 or number 5 (as you prefer);

6. Thick needle for stitching parts;

7. Sintepuh; Using these materials, dog growth is about 30 cm.

Important notice! The yarn consumption indicated in paragraph 1 of the section I, is very subjective and depends on the density of knitting, which is individual for everyone.


Magic ring-amigurumi ring;

Sc is a single crochet;

Hdc – half crochet;

İnc – increase, that is, we knit 2Sc from one column;

Dec – decrease, that is, from two columns we make one.

In parentheses indicate the number of loops, which in the result will be in a row.

All parts, without exception, are knitted in a spiral

I. The main details.

The trunk and legs are knitted in one piece:

First, we knit the right leg.

We start with milk-colored yarn:

1 row: 6Sc into Magic Ring (6);

2 row: İnc x 6 times (12);

3 row: (Sc, İnc) x6 times (18);

4 row: (2 Hdc in the column of the previous row x 3 times, 6 Sc) x2 times (24);

5-6 rows (2 rows): 24Sc (24);

7th row: Decx4 times, 14Sc, Dec (19);

8 row: Decх3rase, 11Sc, Dec (15);

9 row: Decx2 times, 11Sc (13);

10 row: 13 Sc (13);

11 row: 10 Sc yarn milk color, change beige thread we tie to the end of the row 3 Sc.

12-15 row (4 rows): 13 Sc (thirteen);

Make the connecting column. Cut the thread the tip is hidden inside the legs.

Similarly, we knit the left leg, we do not cut the thread.

We begin to knit the torso. When knitting the body sometimes errors occur. Because yarn is quite moody and dissolve it is not recommended, read carefully note at the end of each row. It will help you

1 row: We put a marker at the beginning of the row! Knit 7Sc by left foot, 2 air loops, then knit 13 Sc right legs, then 2 Sc in a chain of air loops, 6 Sc left foot, it turned out 30 Sc. Hinges needed recount!

2 row: (4Sc, İnc) x 6 times (36);

3-8 rows (6 rows): 36Sc (36);

9 row: 27Sc, Dec x 3 times, 3 Sc (33): given reductions we form the ass. Make sure they are located in the middle of the back;

10 row: 27Sc, Dec x 2 times, 2Sc (31);

11 row: 7Sc, Dec, 6Sc, Dec, 10Sc, Dec, 2Sc (28);

12 row: 25Sc, Dec, Sc (27);

13 row: 7Sc, Dec, 6Sc, Dec, 7Sc, Dec (24);
You can fill the legs and part of the body.
14 row: 24Sc (24);

15 row: 22Sc, Dec (23);

16 row: 7Sc, Dec, 5Sc, Dec, 7 Sc (21);

17 row: 21Sc (21);

18 row: 6Sc, Dec, 7Sc, Dec, 4 Sc (19);

19 row: 18 Sc, Dec (18): math doesn’t work here, in this spot decrease captures the last column of the 19th row and the first column of the 20th row, the beginning of the row is shifted.

20-22 row (3 rows):

18 Sc (18); Do connective column. Leave stitching thread 30 cm
If you go astray suddenly somewhere then follow next knitting principle: all decreases arranged by spine lines and symmetrically side of the tummy.

Crammed torso.

Head and face in one piece:

We start with milk-colored yarn:

1 row: 6 Sc into Magic Ring (6);

2 row: İnc x 6 times (12);

3 row: (Sc, İnc) x 6 times (18);

4 row: (2Sc, İnc) x 6 times (24);

5 row: (3Sc, İnc) x 6 times (30);

6 row: (4Sc, İnc) x 6 times (36);

7-11 row (5 rows): 36 Sc (36);

12 row: (Dec, 10Sc) x 3 times (33);

13 row: 33 Sc (33);

14 row: (Dec, 9Sc) x 3 times (30);

15 row: 30 Sc (30);

16 row: (Dec, 8Sc) x 3 times (27);

17 row: 27 Sc (27);

We continue with beige yarn:

18 row: 11Sc, İnc, Sc, İnc, Sc, İnc, 11 Sc (30); Attention!

The first and third increase will guide you

for the location of the eyes;

19-23 row (5 rows): 30 Sc (30).

We insert the eyes between 18 and 19 next to the places of increases.

24 row: (Dec, 3Sc) x 6 times (24);

25 row: (Dec, 2Sc) x 6 times (18);

We stuff the face and head.

26 row: (Dec, Sc) x 6 times (12);

27 row: Dec x 6 times (6);

We tighten the ring, leave a long thread. She we

we will do eyelids.

We make eye tightening. To do this, take a thin thread in the color of the yarn, start the needle in the upper left corner about eyes (imagine that round eyes have angles) print in the upper right corner of the other eye. Further we bring to the lower corner of the right eye and display in lower corner of the left eye. We go around a couple more once and pull the eyes with a thread to each other. Fixed We fix the thread and hide inside the head.

Next we start a beige thread inside the head and she form the eyelids.

To attach head to torso and remember that regional heads which will be hidden in torso.
Then print a thread at that the very place heads that will be hidden inside the body.

Ears (2 parts):

Yarn of any color (taste and color …):

1 row: 6 sc into Magic Ring (6);

2 row: İnc x 6 times (12);

3 row: (Sc, İnc) x 6 times (18);

4 row: (5Sc, İnc) x 3 times (21);

5-7 rows (3 rows): 21Sc (21);

8 row: (Dec, 5Sc) x 3 times (18);

9 row: 18Sc (18);

10 row: (Dec, 4Sc) x 3 times (15);

11 row: 15Sc (15);

12 row: (Dec, 3Sc) x 3 times (12);

13 row: 12Sc (12);

14 row: (Dec, 2Sc) x 3 times (9);

15-16 row (2 rows): 9Sc (9);

Fold the ears in half and

connect 4 Sc.

Fasten the thread, leave a long thread for stitching.

Sew perpendicular to the head in 23 and 34 rows on 6Sc distance.

Note! Sew ears need to be across two rows, and the ears we covered 4Sc. Therefore ears sewn with an arch, due to which at the base of the ears volume effect is created.

After sewing on the ears, the strings are brought to the base heads, where we brought the beige thread from the head.

Nose (1 piece):

Knit with cotton yarn.

1 row: 6 Sc into Magic Ring (6);

2 row: İnc x 6 times (12);

3 row: (Sc, İnc) x 6 times (18);

4 row: (2Sc, İnc) x 6 times (24);

5 row: (3Sc, İnc) x 6 times (30);

6-10 row (5 rows): 30 Sc (thirty);

11 row: (Dec, 3 Sc) x 6 times (24).

Knit connecting column and leave a long thread, which we will sew the nose and embroider the face. Sew the nose between 5 and 8 in rows of muzzle.

Embroider face.

Handles (2 parts):

Beige yarn:

1 row: 6Sc into the Magic ring (6);

2 row: İnc x 6 times (12);

3-4 row (2 rows): 12 Sc (12);

5 row: (Dec, 2 Sc) x 3 times (9);

6 row: Sc, Dec, 6Sc (8);

7-14 rows (8 rows): 8 Sc (8).

Do not stuff the pens fold in half and connect 4 Sc.

Sew between 3 and 4 near the head.

Tail (1 piece):

We dial 7 Ch, and starting with we knit the second Ch from the hook:

İnc, Sc, İnc, Sc, İnc, Sc.

Sew on the back to the 7th row torso.

Sew the head to the body.

The dog is ready! Not difficult, right?

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