Amigurumi Corona Mask Free Crochet Pattern

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Someone sews, and I knit 🙋‍♀

I don’t take orders for masks🙌, this is the only order!

Because, everyone can tie it to himself, if necessary 😷

I found a description of a knitted mask on the Internet! But I had to adjust the loop, I want to share with you, because the topic is relevant and may come in handy!

💥 We collect a chain of 61 loops

Next, we knit along the chain:

1r. 12Sc, 3Hdc, 31Dc, 3Hdc, 12Sc

2 p. whole row half crochet

So we alternate the rows, only 21 rows, knitting the last row, we do the strapping in a circle with crochets

In my masks I made rubber bands holders, very convenient than a knitted chain

We bend the sides of the mask by 2-3 loops, sew together with the elastic, tie the edges of the rubber band and hide the tips!

💥Children’s mask: dial 41 loops

1r. 7Sc, 3Hdc, 21Dc, 3Hdc, 7Sc

2 p. whole row half crochet

Alternating rows, total 17 rows

💥 Knit from cotton, put inside a regular handkerchief in several folds or a cotton cloth. Everything is erased!

I knitted from yarnart jeans, the expense of one skein on three adult masks!

‼ IMPORTANT: On your own, such a knitted mask will not be able to reliably protect you and filter out all the muck. Be sure to insert a handkerchief or cotton cloth inside!

‼ Change the mask every 3 hours.

Such masks are machine washable and dry quickly.

Be healthy! 😘

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